Roles and Responsibilities of the Private Security Service

Private security guards aren’t just tasked with protecting property, staff, visitors and assets, but many more factors are important to the professional private security. Though role of the private security in London often does not get enough limelight, but one can’t deny a fact that they’re professionals who will add value to organization and prevent crime with the diligent service. Let us discusses at length roles & responsibilities of the private security:

Key purposes of Private Security

Security gives you feeling of staying secure. The private security offers manned & technical protection in effort to stop and detect crimes or other unauthorized activities as well as raise standards in the industry.

Also, protecting premises, their property and people, security operative helps to prevent & detect crime, reduce or prevent loss, damage and waste, and monitoring and reacting to safety risks.


Bodyguard Services

To verify each visitor

An important role of the private security is verifying every visitor as well as allowing them to entre only after your approval. In case of suspicion, they should not hesitate in notifying police or detain them. Besides, one may either opt for the armed or unarmed security based on the requirements.

Administrative support & customer service

Another role of the private security includes reducing administrative burden just by performing various operational duties which includes answering the phone calls, taking their messages, greeting daily visitors, directing the people to right departments, and maintaining liaison between the management and the security provider, facilitating any discussions or law enforcement. Also, they are responsible for offering right assistance to the staff and visitors in helping them in a time of need.

Security will be provided to the clients in three different ways:

  • Manned security –It is where security operatives will work on site, offering both deterrent against crime & immediate reaction to the incidents when they take place
  • Physical security – The physical deterrents like alarms, locks, barriers or grilles to help prevent crime
  • Systems – The electronic and technical sources used for monitoring premises for the crime and various other dangers, like fire detection systems intruder alarms, and CCTV systems