Differences Between Electrical Contractor and Electricians

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Although there is a good amount of overlap between Electrical Contractor and Electrician, there are differences between them. Below is a comparison of the two professions that will give you a better understanding of what an Electrician and a Contractor do, and how they differ.

What is an Electrical Contractor?

An electrical contractor is a person who is skilled in the installation of electrical systems (cables and wiring), and other work related to the completion of an electrical project. Electrical contracting is done by electrical contractors because it is their specific area of expertise.

A contractor is a person who engages in the building or repairing of a structure, an improvement to land, and the completion of similar projects.

There are also specialties within the field of contracting, such as plumbing, mechanical, and even welding.

What is an Electrician?

An electrician is someone who is skilled in the installation of electrical equipment and electrical wiring. In most cases, electrical repairs in Frisco, TX is not required to become an electrician, as some states are now allowing non-electricians to become licensed as electricians.

Most electricians install the equipment, install the wiring, and operate the new equipment for the life of the job. Sometimes, they may be called on to repair old electrical equipment, but they usually do not install new electrical equipment.

The Role of an Electrical Contractor

An electrician usually is a general contractor’s onsite electrician. When working with a general contractor on a project, the electrician will plan the electrical work, provide the details of the electrical system, ensure the system will meet code and do the installation of the equipment.

A general contractor typically will select an electrical contractor to handle the electrical needs for the project.

The General Contractor is Responsible for the General Work

A general contractor is responsible for all of the electrical work for the job. If a subcontractor is used, the general contractor is responsible for making sure the subcontractor is in compliance with the contract.

The General Contractor will hire the electrician to install the electrical equipment and the electrician will be paid by the general contractor.