Symptoms of Syphilis

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Constant Urge to Move Bowels (Anal Gonorrhea):

Before we try to understand the illnesses associated with the penis, we will try to understand the structure of penis. In the penis, they are three cylinders. These are called corporas. The urethra or urine passage is situated in one of these cylinders called corpora spongiosum.

The urethra or urine pipe is nearly 25 cm long & has two closing mechanisms to prevent leakage of urine. The urethra opens at the glans penis via meatus. The other two cylinders are useful to get an erection. When these two cylinders are full with blood erection ensues.

If there are changes in the length or size / shape of these cylinders various problems can arise in the penis. The illustration shows the details of the anatomy of penis.

The various penile illnesses can be divided into two :

1. Defects present at birth : Due to various problems during the process of birth of a child, following illnesses can occur.

2. Defects which develop after birth:

Last time we saw the problems in penis & urethra which are essentially present at birth. Today we will see some problems which arise after birth.

Balanitis :

Due to non cleaning of glans penis with water during bath, sometimes there is infection below the preputial skin. Many times this is associated with narrow opening of the skin [phimosis]. This is more seen with patients with diabetes mellitus, BXO, etc. To avoid this, it is necessary that during bath, a person should retarct the preputial skin, pour a glass of a water & keep the glans clean. There is no need to use soap in this area. If the problem persists, please consult a urologist.

Stricture of the Urethra :

Fracture of the Penis :

When the penis is erect & if it gets a traumatic blow, it can get fractured or break on the inside. There will be swelling due to internal bleeding. When this occurs, urologist should be contacted immediately.

The broken fracture area will be repaired immediately. This will help in avoiding a long term risk of permanent erection problems or curvature of penis. A person should not be afraid of this problem & should get in touch with an urologist immediately.

Rupture of Urethra :

We will now try to understand these problems in details.

Small Penis :

Hypospadius :

As we have seen about the urethra or the urine pine opens at the tip of penis. In patients with hypospadius, the opening of the urethra is situated in the lower part of the penis much before the actual opening site. Sometimes the penis is also curved. In the diagram this defect is shown. This may be associated with absence of testies in scrotum.

It is possible to form a new urethra & get the opening to the tip of the meatus. The penis is also made straight during this operation. This is very delicate operation & is done only be experts.

Curvature of Penis on Erection :

Sometimes penis becomes curved on erection. This may because of short skin on one side. If one of the cylinders inside the penis is small, it can also lead to curvature of penis. With the help of operation, this problem can be corrected & the penis can be made straight.

Completely Distorted Anatomy of Penis & Testies :

Phimosis :

These are some of the problems of penis seen at birth. We will see the problem which develop during the course of life next time.

Curvature of Penis on Erection :

Short Frenulum :

Though this problem is present since birth, it starts creating problem at the time of intercourse. Due to short frenulum, the tip of the penis gets curved on erection making it difficult to carry on with intercourse due to pain & occasional bleeding. Urologist will correct this problem with a minor operation. These are some of the commonly seen associated with penis. It is to be noticed that most of these problems are curable.

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