Renal Failure

It means that the kidneys fail to do its mended work, getting rid of body" waste products maintaining water value, making blood and keeping bones healthy. Also importantly the normal regulation of blood pressure far less and blood pressure goes up (Hypertension) or goes down (Hypertension) occurs.

Kidney failure can be broadly classified and into Acute and chorine Renal failure. By anti Renal failure we wen that kidney failure occurs suddenly and in majority of cases, with supportive care the kidney will recover. In some case the anti process may process to chorine renal failure, where kidney becomes permanently damaged and Suriuh in size. Such cases will eventually require permanent treatment in way of Heuwdialysis, CAPD or kidney transplant.

Amongst the top causes of kidney failure, Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension are the leading causes all over the world. In developing countries kidney failure innovated with diarrhea, infections and child are frequent causes leading to kidney failure. Other causes include medicines especially pain killers, herbal medicines etc.

Diet to Avoid


Besides blood pressure medications, your doctor may prescribe other medications. The common medications are:

This is to bind phosphate in the gut and prevent excessive absorption of phosphate which can cause bone disease. Some of these are Calcium or aluminum containing compounds.

Normal Kidney Functioning

The kidneys are two organs about 12 cm long, situated behind the intestine. The functioning of only one kidney can be sufficient.

Functions of the Kidney

To produce urine which mainly proceeds from the blood filtrations:

Kidney Failure

A kidney failure involves:

According to the level of renal failure:

Sodium and potassium are no longer excreted in sufficient amounts:

Toxic wastes remain in the blood (urea, creation, so that they induce:

Failure in the processing of red blood cells due to lack of erythropoietin contributes to anemia, So there is:

Similar of Renal Failure

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Kidney Transplant Surgery

Kidney Transplant Surgery In this type of renal replacement, a kidney from either a living or a brain-dead person is placed surgically into the renal failure patient. Only one kidney

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Kidney Care - Kidney & Bladder Support Formula

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The kidneys are bean-shaped excretory organs in vertebrates. Part of the urinary system, the kidneys filter wastes (especially urea) from the blood and excrete



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