Plan for Active in Asthma

For Adults

Many people with asthma have some symptoms, especially coughing or wheezing, when they are physically active. This does not need to happen. An important treatment goal is for you to take part in the physical activity of your choice without having symptoms. Your regular asthma medicine should help you do this. Some people with asthma keep symptoms from starting by taking inhaled asthma medicines (b2-agonist or cromolyn) right before they start their activity. Talk to your doctor about this. Exercise is important for your health. Asthma should not keep you from being active.

Remember, over 67 athletes in the 1984 Olympics had asthma. 41 won medals!

Here are some ideas to help you make a plan to be physically active:

To Be Active :

For Children

Even with asthma, you can play and take part in many activities - including sports - like other kids.

Many kids with asthma cough or wheeze when they exercise, run, or play hard. This does not have to happen. Your asthma medicine will help you be active without coughing or wheezing. Some kids keep asthma symptoms from starting if they take a certain asthma medicine right before they start their activity. Talk to your doctor about this.

It also helps you feel good while you are active if you do stretching exercises ("warm up" and "cool down") before and after your activity.

Here is a plan to help you be active :

To Be Active :

Clues for deciding to go to school or work

An asthmatic can probably go to school or work if he/she has any of these symptoms:

Clues for deciding to stay home from school or work

Patients should probably stay home if they have any of these symptoms :

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