Owls and Fowls

Sleep mimics wakefulness in many ways and circadian rhythms vary from person to person. Genetic predisposition, along with habits and adaptiveness, determines the duration and quality of sleep. According to studies by American sleep scientists Hartmann and Brewer, people who sleep less are energetic, ambitious, socially adaptive, confident and efficient, while the people who sleep longer are shy and sluggish worriers with low self-confidence. Also, like flowers and animals, human dispositions depend on the time of the day. As the sunflower blooms during daytime and the evening primrose late In the day, people mimic the sleep patterns of owls and fowls.

The Owls

They are most productive and vibrant during night. "Don't call me in the morning. I am an evening person," is not Just whimsy, it makes sense. Owls hit their creative and decision-making peaks only after late evening and are wide awake well beyond the witching hour.

The Fowls

They rise and shine early, bursting with ideas and energy as soon as they are out of bed. They usually don't suffer from sleep inertia-a condition that causes irritability and long periods of lethargy. Fowls are usually regular exercisers, disciplined and extroverted.

Similar of Owls and Fowls

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