Obesity, A Bacterial Disease?

Obesity, A Bacterial Disease?

A certain bacteria that reside in the oral cavity would seem that is to blame for obesity treatment by some of us, tells a team of American researchers from The Forsyth Institute, Boston.

Given the explosion of obesity phenomenon in recent years, especially in the United States, research on this issue have become increasingly common. Currently, more than 26% of Americans are obese.

Thus it was found that, depending on the cause which has determined, there are several types of obesity, including the inflammatory nature or caused by an infectious agent.

In the latest study, scientists have demonstrated that bacteria existing in saliva obese women differ from those present in the saliva of women with normal weight.

Using DNA testing, scientists have discovered that a species of bacteria in the oral cavity, Selenomanas noxia, is present in greater quantity than in obese persons. Basically, bacteria aggregating 1.05% of the total composition of saliva in these individuals.

However, some researchers say that bacteria present in large quantity could be favored even adopted the diet of overweight people and metabolism thereof.

In these conditions, additional studies are needed to determine exactly what is the connection between obesity and Selenomanas noxia.

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