Nutritional Needs for Colo-Rectal Diseases

Modification of the diet is a mainstay of treatment of colo-rectal diseases. Because individuals vary greatly in their response to foods, each person must develop an eating plan based on personal experience. For those of us, in the rural areas, it is important that health professionals offer correct advice regarding meal plans. Vitamins and mineral supplements are often needed to compensate for a restricted diet and possible absorption problems. Foods that irritate the bowel often include those high in insoluble fibre, which is found in bran, whole grains, nuts and seeds, dried fruits, and the skins of potatoes, fresh fruits and vegetables. Less irritating are pectin and other types of soluble fibre, which can be obtained from poached and peeled fruits and cooked leafy green vegetables.

Fatty foods are hard to digest, so keep fats and oils to a minimum and avoid fried and sauteed foods, as well as such a such obviously fatty foods as fatty meats, potato chips, and most cheeses. Depending on how your intestines tend to react, you may also be better off avoiding caffeinated drinks, as well as decaffeinated coffee and colas, highly spiced foods and seasonings (such as mustard), and cabbage, and other vegetables s that may produce gas.

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