Natural Pet Care

Our pets-mainly dogs and cats, but also birds, rodents, fish-are living longer. Modern veterinary medicine successfully eliminated many parasitic and infectious diseases that were common in the past. But in the last decade the growing practical experience and scientific research studies support the interest in the complementary (or alternative) form of veterinary medicine.

The pet owner's interest is for his animal friend to get better, to enhance its ability to heal itself. Same objective-different approach. Conventional veterinary medicine will treat a specific organ or system. The complementary or natural vet's concern is with the whole animal. But, as with a human patient, we should have an open mind and understand that each animal is different and each will respond differently to the same treatment. Understanding your pet's responses to diseases as well to the natural therapies available is the first step to successful treatment.

Well-balanced body biochemistry is the basis of good health. Imbalances in the body systems - human and animal alike - are associated with an illness. Natural veterinarians believe that the manipulative (acupuncture, massage), herbal, or mind therapies (relaxation, exercise, and rest) are safer. At the beginning stages of the disease these do not obscure the symptoms and natural behaviour of the animal andÿhelp to diagnose the conditions more accurately.

From earliest times animals were fed on vegetation not only to satisfy hunger but because certain plants make them feel better. Classical herbalism developed early in all human cultures based on observations and experimentation. Early legends relate stories about animals helping humans to understand the medicinal value of plants.

The first explorers and then the European immigrants to the Americas not only brought with them knowledge of herbs and natural healing, but also imported plants and seeds or medicinal (as well as culinary) herbs. Once the connection with the native peoples was established, they learned to recognize the wild medicinal plant and how to use them. To take good care of the domestic animals was imperative. They were treated as family members - their hard work was essential to the survival of the family or often the whole settlement - and were given the best care possible in case of any discomfort. The health care for the animals and their owner was natural medicine-herbs.

Some of these simple herbal remedies are still widely used today by the natural vets. Cuts, bruises, and minor illnesses could be treated at home and a simple home care kit (animal first aid kit) should be on hand.

A Pet Care Basic First Aid Kit Should Include These Herbs

The most important treatment-do not forget your pet is your friend not a decoration. Treat your friend as well as you would yourself - he/she deserves it.

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