Mercury, one of the Biggest Enemies of Health

Mercury, one of the Biggest Enemies of Health

Mercury is a chemical element, often found in the environment, either as part of it, either as a result of the pollution. In water, air and soil, mercury easily takes place in food and in large quantities is highly toxic, causing serious health problems.

Thus, mercury can irreversibly impair neurological function, and if you are pregnant, baby is affected nervous system. Also, children who eat more than rich in mercury are put in jeopardy the development of cerebral.

The fish, a food rich in mercury

Of all foods, fish has been designated as the richest source of mercury. So to protect your own health and that of your little the harmful effects of this metal is most appropriate to avoid the inclusion of fish in the diet, especially before and during pregnancy and when breastfeeding. So:

Other fish in poor mercury consumed quite frequently are the preserve white tuna, salmon, and sleeping Pollock fillet of cod. Please note that the species of fish belonging to the same family there are differences about the amount of mercury. Thus, white albacore tuna is rich in mercury than tuna from preserved (from a small, skip).

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