Medications and Food: Combinations to Avoid

Medications and Food: Combinations to Avoid

Careful at what chicken in dish when consume drugs! There are some foods that interact strongly with them, and the result is very unpleasant: the adverse effects increase in intensity. Here they are!

Grapefruit juice

It has strong capacity of interaction with two types of drugs:

- They used to decrease the level of cholesterol in the blood: Simvastatin, and to some extent Atorvastatinul. A juice consumed graft together with Simvastatin can multiply 15 times drug absorption and can cause serious muscle problems.

- Imunosupresoarele prescribed for rejectiei a transplanted organ (cyclosporine, taclorimus). A simultaneous administration with juice graft may have serious consequences on the kidney.

If you can not abstain from grapefruit juice during treatment, the solution would be to consume 2 hours before drug administration, and not exceed 250 ml per day. Yet it would be ideal to replace the apple juice or orange.


Caffeine is strongly not recommended for treatment with antibiotics such as Enoxacin, Norfloxacin and Ciprofloxacin, used mainly to treat urinary infections, or theophylline, anti-asthmatic who has the same effects as caffeine.

These antibiotics and difficult removal of caffeine can lead to overdose, which leads to the palpitatii, shaking, or hallucinations Sweat.

For these reasons, it is better to avoid the consumption of coffee, tea or soda that contains caffeine, during treatment with antibiotics and to reduce considerably if you treat asthma with a drug based on theophylline.

Foods rich in vitamin K

Like cabbage, broccoli, spinach, avocado, parsley, lettuce and stew are avoided if a treatment with oral anticoagulants, for its blood circulation fluidized. They diminish the effectiveness of treatment and may lead to the creation of thrombosis in the blood.


Alcohol should be avoided in combination with drugs that reduce vigilance. Appropriate tranchilizantelor, analgesics, anti-cough tablets based tramadol or codeine, some antidepressants and some antiallergic.

Administered at the same time, the alcohol can cause drowsiness and reduced reflexes. These effects can have dramatic consequences, especially in cases where driving a car or use certain machines.

Moreover, consumption of alcohol along with anti-inflammatory, paracetamol or apirin can create heartburn or acidity, because the enzyme acts on the liver and thereby raise the degree of toxicity of drugs.

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