Knowing That You are Pregnant

You may feel very happy or excited when you discover that you are pregnant, but you shouldn't worry if you don't. Even if you have been looking forward to pregnancy, it is not unusual for your feelings to take you by surprise. And if your pregnancy was unplanned, then you may feel quite confused. Give yourself a little time to adjust to the idea of being pregnant.

Even though you may feel rather anxious and uncertain now, this does not mean that you won't come to enjoy your pregnancy or to welcome the idea of the baby. Discuss your feelings with your midwife or doctor who will help you to adjust to your pregnancy, or, in England and Wales, will give you advice if you are not happy to continue with it.

You may want to share the news with family and friends immediately or wait a while until you've sorted out how you feel. Others in your family/extended family may have mixed feelings. You'll need to talk about these feelings. But do begin to think the care you'll receive leading up to the birth of your baby) and where you would like to have your baby. The earlier you begin to organise this, the more chance you will have of getting what you want.

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