KKH Now Offers Tummy Tucks, Facelifts

KK Women's and Children's Hospital is now offering tummy tucks, facelifts and cellulite reduction, as part of a move to offer services for women in areas other than obstetrics and gynaecology. Its new 500sqm Aesthetic, Reconstructive and Breast Centre started operations last Friday.

Demand for aesthetic treatment has grown significantly over the past few years, and more and more doctors, both general practitioners and specialists, and beauty salons are vying for the rapidly expanding pie.

This has led to concerns about patients' safety as there is no standard training for aesthetic medicine. Said KKH chief executive officer Ivy Ng: 'I don't think the women who want the service should be left to find it in non-accredited institutions or salons. 'Our trained physicians will lead the way in the standards aesthetic medicine should have.'

Asked why KKH as a public hospital has gone into aesthetic medicine, which is not a basic medical service, she replied: 'In Singapore, if patients want it, who should deliver it? 'Aesthetic medicine is growing in volume. It is increasing in prominence in the region as well. Do we pretend it doesn't exist, or do we decide to set the standards in this area?' Almost all the services at the new clinic will not be subsidised. Among the few treatments that will deals with acne. Dr Ng said that KKH's charges will be about mid range, between high end specialist rates and lower end ones charged by GPs.

She guaranteed quality treatment by trained doctors who will assess if the person is suffering from other problems like depression, before treating him. One of the centre's plastic surgeons, Dr Colin Tham, has just returned from Taiwan, where he went to pick up skills in catering to Oriental women.

KKH has also invested in a full range of 'state of the art' equipment, including five Laser machines which can be used for anti-ageing treatments and the removal of pigmentation. It has a radio-frequency device that lifts tummies, underarms and breasts, and a machine for body contouring that pinches and squeezes fat cells to destroy them. Dr Ng said some of these services would help women who have just had a baby regain their prepregnancy figures.

The centre will be headed by Dr Vincent Yeow, a senior consultant plastic surgeon who was involved in reshaping the heads of Nepalese conjoined twins Ganga and Jnmuna after they were separated. He currently does three, half-day sessions at KKI-I, and spends the rest of the time at Singapore General Hospital, where he is based. He will now do seven sessions a week at KKH.

Among the surgical enhancements provided are eyelid surgery, nose and chin shaping, liposuction and the enlargement and reduction of breasts. The non-surgical services include mesotherapy, where a special cocktail is injected into the part of the body that needs reduction, Botox and fillers to even out wrinkles.

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