Abdominal pressure and/or pain, which can radiate toward the chest:

Call Your Doctor If :
Any abdominal pain continues for more than six hours; this may indicate appendicitis, stomach ulcer, gall-stones, or other disease. You may need emergency care.

You experience indigestion with any of the following: prolonged vomiting; vomiting of blood, black or bloody bowel movements, severe upper abdominal pain; pain radiating into your neck and shoulder, shortness of breath, or feeling weak or faint: your indigestion may be part of a larger problem, such as gallstones, gastritis, pancreatic problems, stomach ulcer; or possibly cancer. Or you might be having a heart attack; get medical help immediately.

You have repeated bouts of indigestion accompanied by abdominal pain, fever, or dark urine. Your discomfort may indicate gallstones, stomach ulcer, or liver disease.

Your indigestion consistently follows your eating dairy products. You may suffer from lactose intolerance

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