Inability of a man to complete sexual intercourse. Although- the term is sometimes taken to mean the same as sterility, technically the two conditions are different. A sterile man cannot produce any or enough healthy sperm cells to become a father; but he can have intercourse. An impotent man may produce good sperm cells, but is unable to have an ERECTION and perform sexual intercourse.

A lessening of the sexual appetite is normal as a man grows older, but this lack of desire should not be confused with impotence.

Impotence may have a physical or an emotional cause. On the physical side, there may be a defect in the sex organs, a deficiency of the thyroid or pituitary gland, a chronic disease such as anaemia or diabetes, or addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Impotence of emotional origin is much more common. Ability to achieve sexual fulfilment may be impaired by feelings of insecurity, by depression, or overstrict moral training.

Any of these may cause temporary impotence. Deeper-rooted impotence may be the result of a mother fixation, unwilling-ness to assume a male role, or a similar neurotic tendency.

Physical problems are corrected by treating' the condition, such as administering hormones or curing the disease.

Emotional impotence may be helped by PSYCHOTHERAPY. Anybody worried about the possibility of impotence should seek medical advice.

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