How to Deal With Fine/Limp Hair...

Set your blow dryer on cool and dry only at the scalp, let ends of the hair dry on their own. This will help keep hair healthy looking and prevent hair ends from splitting or breaking. - Cheryl A. - Detroit

Once a week put a deep conditioning treatment product on your hair and wrap it with a hot moist towel for 10 min. Then, rinse and style. It'll make your hair look great! We recommend FS Hair Care Intensive Conditioner for best results. - Cheryl N. - New York

Also remember while shampooing your hair, do not use finger nails on the scalp. Only apply pressure with the pads of your fingers. - Sarah N. - Pittsburgh

Rx for dry hair: apply FS Hair Care Intensive Conditioner before sunbathing or going into the sauna. Heat makes a conditioner penetrate the hair, keeping it from drying out. - Susan L. - Louisiana

At home, before showering, apply FS Hair Care Intensive Conditioner to hair. Place a plastic bag on the head and shower normally. The hot shower will provide deep heat for better penetration of the FS Hair Care Intensive Conditioner treatment. At the end of the shower, remove the plastic cap and rinse the hair.

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