Health Related Q&A: Sterility

Q.What is Sterilization of a Person? What are The Procedures For Sterilization?

A.To render him or her unable to produce a child. Procedures for sterilization in men called VASECTOMY and in WOMEN called LIGATION OF FALLOPIAN TUBE

Q.What is Primary STERILITY?

A.The question should be:What is Primary Infertility? This means the Man or women has never had a child with the current or previous earlier partners

Q.Is The Difference Between Sterility & Fertility?

A.Sterility is ABSOLUTE whereas Infertility can be TOTAL Infertility or SUBFERTILITY.

Q. Can Secondary Infertility Be Permanent?

A.It can be temporary or permanent.

Q.Can One Enjoy Sex after Secondary Infertility?


Q.What are The Major Causes of Infertility in The Male? What are The Major Causes in Women?

A.Mumps orchitis, Varicoceles, Testicular Maldescent, Deletion of the Y Chromosome, Inflammatory, Disorders of the Epididymis & Prostate, Congenital Obstructions of the Vas & Epididymis.

Fallopian tube infections, Endometriosis, Hormonal Disorders,etc.

Q.What Investigatins Should Be Undertaken to Establish Sterility in Men and in Women?

A.Investigations for Infertility in Men & Women:

Men : History, Physical Examination, Semen Analysis, Vasography, Testicular Biopsy, Chromosomal Studies

Women : History, Physical Exam, Hormone profile, hysterosalpingogram ,Laproscopy

Q. How Do We Treat Primary Infertility

A. Same for Primary & Secondary except that the investigations for primary need to be more extensive than secondary especially regarding Chromosomal Studies, Hormonal Studies, Laproscopic examinations & other Imaging Studies

Q. Brother 50yrs, Wife 40 Yrs Old, Married 20 Yrs, No Children. How to Get a Child?

A. Being that old & the wife being more than 40yrs old, better to adopt a child as women giving birth after 40yrs of age have higher chance of getting abnormal children

Q. Can Temporary Contraception Lead to Secondary Infertility in a Woman?

A. Very rarely if the woman's fertility status is already marginally OK at best at the time she starts contraception.

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