One issue that has not yet been covered greatly with growers is GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Most of the world is already aware of GMOs and has shown concern over the lack of independent information and independent testing on how the environment and all species are affected by genetically modified plants.

Many buyers are searching for supplies of non-GMO products. Therefore, certified organics are more attractive, and as a grower or processor of unaltered herbs, spices, and processed products, you should identify yourself. Consider that even the alcohol used in making extracts may be made from GM corn. The powdered carriers used in capsule powders could be GM corn, rice, or soy.

Many web sites provide detailed information on what is happening worldwide and domestically. Becoming more aware and gearing your market strategy toward non-GMO products could provide the competitive edge that is needed as a grower or supplier.


A grower's marketability is highest when they build good relationships with their buyers. It is important to understand whether or not a buyer is concerned with the crop being certified organic, non-GMO, or grown and processed in a sustainable and ecologically safe manner.

Fluctuations in the marketplace are important to track, but if the grower-buyer relationship has been cultivated as carefully as the crops have been cultivated, the impact of the fluctuations will be minimal.

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