General Health Care: Organizational Profiles

General Health Care: Organizational Profiles

Physicians Who Care

Physicians Who Care (PWC) is a nonprofit organization devoted to protecting the traditional doctor-patient relationship and ensuring quality health care. Formed in 1985 in San Antonio, Texas, the organization now has members in every state, most of them doctors in private practice. The organization believes the responsibility for medical care belongs first and foremost to physicians and patients. It affirms the right of the physician, as the provider of care, to diagnose, prescribe, test and treat patients without undue outside interference. It also affirms the right of the patient, as the person most affected by care, to choose his or her own physician and help determine the type of treatment received.

For more information, contact:
Physicians Who Care
10615 Perrin Beitel, Suite 201
San Antonio, Texas 78217

Internet e-mail:
World Wide Web:

Moebius Syndrome Support Network

Moebius Syndrome or congenital facial paralysis is characterized by the lack of the 6th and 7th cranial nerves. People affected by this syndrome do not blink or move their eyes laterally, and they have no facial expression (they can't smile). Also, people with Moebius Syndrome may have club feet, small, webbed or missing fingers or toes, small mouths, small tongues, or hearing problems. The disorder is considered rare, and many people who have children with this condition are told they will likely never meet anyone else with the syndrome. Thanks to the insight and initiative of two women with children who have Moebius, the Moebius Syndrome Support Network was started just four years ago. It has now grown into an organization with its own newsletter (Moebius Syndrome News), a foundation (Moebius Syndrome Foundation), and a mailing list of over 350 individuals. The organization offers education, networking, referrals to medical professionals, and support in general. Charitable donations are gratefully accepted.

For more information, contact:

Moebius Syndrome Foundation

Family Violence Prevention Fund

Founded in 1980, The Family Violence Prevention Fund is a national non-profit organization that focuses on domestic violence education, prevention and public policy reform. The central mission of the organization is to stem the epidemic of violence in our homes. Throughout its history, the Family Violence Prevention Fund has developed pioneering prevention strategies in the justice, public education, and health fields. The organization's publications and model programs have been distributed to, and replicated in, every state and several foreign countries.

For more information, contact:
Family Violence Prevention Fund
383 Rhode Island Street, Suite 304
San Francisco, CA 94103-5133 USA
Telephone: (415) 252-8900
FAX: (415) 252-8991

Women's Health America

Women's Health America (WHA), a national organization headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin USA, leads women to better health through quality education, communication and products. WHA offers educational videos, books, and cassettes, as well as a bimonthly newsletter, Women's Health Access, which has the latest news on prevention, diagnosis, treatment and self-help tips, for taking an active role in one's health care. The organization also publishes Women's Health America Infolog: The Complete Women's Health Resource Directory. In addition, WHA offers over-the-counter pharmaceutical and health care products, ranging from calcium tablets to contraceptive products. A portion of Women's Health America revenues support women's health research and education.

For more information, contact:
Marla Ahlgrimm, R.Ph.
Women's Health America, Dept. C
429 Gammon Place
P.O. Box 9690
Madison, Wisconsin 53715 USA
Telephone: (608) 833-9102
FAX: (608) 833-7412

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