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Physical Fitness Has Many Benefits:

Beginning an Exercise Program

There are some basic points to keep in mind when beginning an exercise program:

Four Popular Physical Activities to Consider


Walking is the most popular form of physical activity. If done on a regular basis, walking can not only help you to lose weight, but will relax you as well. There are some other advantages to walking: It can be done anywhere and anytime; it's free; you already know how to do it; and it can be done by almost anyone. Body posture is important to make your walking as efficient as possible. Keep these pointers in mind when walking:


Jogging is perhaps the most ideal fitness activity to improve our overall fitness level. People who are unaccustomed to exercise can, with proper progression, advance from being walkers, to walk-joggers (woggers), to joggers, with little difficulty. Correct posture, pace, number of times you jog per week, and wearing the proper attire are all factors in its effectiveness


Swimming has long been a popular exercise for people who suffer from orthopedic problems or obesity because it reduces pressure on muscles and bones. Swimming has been found to produce relaxation and sound sleep patterns. In comparing swimming to jogging, 100 yds. of swimming is roughly equivalent to 400 yds. of jogging.


Bicycling is a good exercise to do with others and is a method of transportation as well. It provides wonderful conditioning for the legs and can improve cardiovascular fitness. Safety precautions are important when bicycling outdoors. (Make sure you wear a bicycle helmet.) To improve cardiovascular fitness, cycling should be done at least 3 times a week for 40-60 minutes each time. A stationary bicycle that has a resistance adjuster is good for regular exercise. It's certainly convenient, since you can read or watch TV while you pedal away and the weather doesn't interfere with your exercising.

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