Find out Which of the Myths about Health are Real and Not!

Find out Which of the Myths about Health are Real and Not!

Here's proof that you should not believe everything you hear about health. Nancy Snyderman, surgeon and editor of NBC News, tells you which are the myths about health that you may cause problems. Here are some stories that you hear every day and find out which ones are true:

Myth: Annual Medical Control is Beneficial

The Truth: it is! If you go to regular monitoring, as otherwise you discover problems in time.

Myth: Storage of Medicines in the Bathroom is the Best Option

Truth: Wrong! Most drugs are degraded prematurely when stored in wet conditions or in rooms where there are wide variations in temperature. What bathroom fulfill all these conditions, it is certainly not the best choice for your medicines.

Myth: Prozac is for People with Pain

Truth: a painkiller that can be bought without a prescription after doing sports (which contains ibuprofen) can help you get rid of fever or muscle cramps. The secret is to not make excess!

Myth: Poor People do not Get Sick of Heart

Truth: Wrong! Regardless of weight, a person can have high cholesterol (or glucose), which inevitably lead to cardiovascular disease. Therefore, you should you measure the level of cholesterol and blood sugar regularly.

Myth: Stress Leads to Cancer

Truth: Wrong! Or at least partly wrong, because now there is no study that reveals this. In other words, there was a direct correlation between stress and cancer, but you should know that stress weakens the immune system. So you're more prone to colds, digestive problems, migraines, which may worsen and even become cancer if not, you can create problems. So try to reduce stress in your life!

Myth: You Need to Consult a Physician Before Starting a Diet

The Truth: it is! Even if you think that it is pointless to go to the doctor in May fight, because you have health problems, and no risk, you should not play with your health. A doctor knows best if a diet is right for you. Perhaps the last inspection, your state of health has changed ... For the doctor is the best diagnosis for each date, you should consult, especially if you choose a low-calorie diet.

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