Fighting Cancer with the Immune System, Detoxification and Genes

Fighting Cancer with the Immune System, Detoxification and Genes

Advanced Alternatives uses many different forms of treatment, choosing the best ones suited to the unique needs of each patient. Every person and their cancer are unique in many ways. So even though someone has the same exact type of cancer as another person, their past medical history, exposure to toxins and viruses, current overall health, presence of the malignancy in different tissues or organs, and philosophical and religious beliefs all play a role in helping our medical staff to determine the best combination of therapies for them.

We say that Advanced Alternatives uses all the most powerful treatments from around the world. What does this mean? It means that we are open minded, constantly searching for the best and most powerful treatments for cancer. If it exists anywhere in the world, we can use it. If you find there are therapies we don't have in our armamentarium, it is because we do not think they are worthy of being there. Often treatments become famous because the organization selling them spends huge amounts of money to get attention for the treatment. However, this does not always mean that they are all they are advertised to be. Sometimes we determine that they just don't work, or that they work to a very slight degree and have serious and troubling side-effects, or that they work to some extent, but are so weak compared to other modalities that it is a waste of time and effort to use them.

All the various treatments used by Advanced Alternatives fall into four main categories. They are 1) immune system strengtheners, 2) detoxification, 3) enabling the genes to fight cancer, 4) substances that are directly able to kill cancer cells and tumors. We specialize in natural methods and products to rid the body of cancer. Strengthening the immune system is thought by many experts to allow this crucial bodily defense mechanism to work against cancer throughout the body. We use many very potent methods to effectuate maximum immune system power. Each of us has been exposed to various levels of toxins in our lifetime. We test for these toxins, and when they are present, we remove them. Our methods of detoxification are more powerful than what can be accomplished by oral nutritional supplements alone. Even if a person has undergone detoxification before, we often find that it was incomplete, and a more strenuous intravenous form of detoxification is indicated. Advanced Alternatives specializes in unique methods of inducing the genes of the body to directly kill the cancer cells or cause them to shrink into a non-malignant form. We call this R-A Therapy. Finally, there are natural substances that are known to directly kill malignant cells. We have a variety of these substances and employ them in each case where they are appropriate.

Negative side effects from our treatments are seldom seen. However, they can potentially include such things as allergic reactions and fever. We give a written informed consent description of potential side effects that are within the realm of reasonable possibility for the treatments given to each person. The patient can review these prior to agreeing to have them performed or administered. Since our treatments and products used are nearly always natural substances, we find it very infrequent that people have any adverse effects. However, it is common that our patients actually experience positive side effects. The can include increased vigor and energy, a return to a healthy color of the skin and general appearance, and a re-invigorated sense of well-being.

The products we use are not from any one particular source. For the most part, our nutritional supplements and oral medications are manufactured just for us, and carry our own label. However, we recognize that there are many good products from many varied sources. We are happy to allow patients to use other products not prescribed by our team unless they would directly interact in a negative manner.

The natural treatments given by Advanced Alternatives can be used in conjunction with conventional therapies such as chemo or radiation if that is the desire of the patient. We do not administer chemo or radiation, but are able to work with the patient and their conventional oncologist to combine the “best of both worlds”, conventional and alternative therapies, if the patient wishes to do so.

Introducing R-A Therapy

Powerful new weapon against cancer: Scientists have recently discovered that cancer cells themselves may harbor self-healing mechanisms. These mechanisms may potentially be "turned -on" so that they cause the cancer to "heal itself" via inborn genetic mechanisms. R-A Therapy seeks to encourage the activity of these self-healing mechanisms. It is a unique method focused on trying to cause cancer cells to "heal themselves" via these in-born genetic healing mechanisms. It utilizes recent breakthroughs in bio-medical knowledge to utilize natural substances in the fight against cancer.

The "R" in R-A therapy stands for "re-differentiation". Put in simpler terms, this means that when given certain stimuli via medication with natural substances, cancer cells may potentially be stimulated to revert to a normal, non-cancerous cell type. All cancer cells originate from a normal cell which mutates into a cancer cell. Several natural chemical substances have been shown to potentially induce cancer cells to revert to the normal, non-malignant cell type from which they originated.

Certain natural substances may also possibly cause a spontaneous die-off of the malignant cells. This action describes the "A" in R-A Therapy. The "A" stands for "apoptosis". Apoptosis is a scientific word which can be described by a very simple phrase...cell suicide. Yes, the most recent research in bio-medical science that certain substances can at times cause cancer cells to kill themselves...that is, they commit suicide. Why would cancer cells do this? Scientists believe that normal cells possess an internal mechanism whereby they can sense that they have turned malignant, and then "self-destruct". Many malignant cells also possess this ability, but it is weakened. R-A Therapy seeks to stimulate the cancer cells to either self-destruct or begin a gradual return towards a non-malignant state.

Dramatic changes are happening in conventional medical science. Major pharmaceutical firms and biotechnology companies are spending millions of dollars to develop medications based on re-differentiation and apoptosis! This is thought to be a very promising field which may possibly revolutionize the care of cancer patients.

Telomerase adds a new dimension to the genetic healing of cancer. Cancer cells are cells which have mutated to become experts in their own survival. They survive even though by doing so, they slowly kill the rest of the body. They blindly grow and develop until at some point they are such a strain on the body as a whole that it cannot survive.

One of the mutations which make the cancer cells so strong and resilient is that cancer cells produce telomerase. Telomerase is an enzyme, made within each cancer cell, that confers "immortality" on the cancer cell. The normal, healthy cells which make-up our body are all mortal. In other words, they each have a set lifespan. Beyond that lifespan, they become weak (from aging) and eventually die. Cancer cells do not age, do not become weaker as they grow older, and therefore hold a huge advantage over our healthy cells. Telomerase keeps cancer cells "forever young" vigorous, strong and resilient. Anti-telomerase treatments seek to weaken the cancer cells, making them more amenable to destruction by other means.

Colon Cancer

Malignancies of the lower digestive tract are probably our most common type of case. Most patients who come to us have already had all the conventional treatments for colon cancer and failed. Once they have been given up on, they contact us hoping we can offer something new and superior to turn the tide against the malignancy. We have many unique and powerful means of treating colon cancer, including metastatic colon cancer. Metastases to the liver, lungs, kidneys and brain are not uncommon for us. We have many years of experience in treating metastases of colon cancer to these organs. There are special methods employed against metastatic colon cancer. We will be happy to write a proposed plan of action for you if you have colon cancer or metastatic colon cancer.

Prostate Cancer

Malignancy of the prostate gland is another very common type that we treat. We have years of experience and many methods of treating cases where the cancer remains within the capsule, or has metastasized to bone, liver, kidney, lungs, brain or other organs. Let us use metastasis to bone as an example of how we must treat each individual in a unique way. When prostate cancer has spread via metastasis to the bones, it has two important features that we must recognize in order to effectively treat it. First, prostate cancer bone tumors are composed of cells that are still genetically prostate gland cells that have been converted or “transformed” into cancer cells. So they are likely to be just as susceptible to our natural treatments for prostate cancer as they would be anywhere else in the body. However, being located in the hard tissues of the bone gives them some extra protection from methods of treatment. We therefore use special natural means of allowing our treatments to infiltrate deep into the prostate cancer bone metastases. We have developed special techniques like this over many years of clinical practice. We feel that they are essential for obtaining the best possible outcome for each patient. Contact us for a plan of natural treatment just for you and your unique case of prostate cancer or metastatic prostate cancer.

Immune System Strengthening and Natural Killer Cells

The immune system is viewed by many as the main way that the body protects itself from disease. We focus special attention on this crucial protective system of the body. Advanced Alternatives uses many natural substances in each patient intending to strengthen the immune system, increase the total numbers of the immune system cells, and to increase the activity of the immune system cells.

Natural Killer Cells are quite unique components of the immune system. They have been seen to congregate within malignant tumors. They are believed by many scientists to attack and kill cancer cells in tumors. Natural Killer Cell activation is one of our main goals. Our premise is to increase the activity of the natural killer cells by using natural substances.

Testing before and after treatment helps us to ascertain just how powerfully we have influenced the immune system. We use microscopes to directly view the living immune system cells in the blood, seeking to find that we have increased the numbers of the cells and their activity. Another test we often run is called a Natural Killer Cell Activity Assay. It is performed by an outside reference laboratory. They measure the before and after treatment level of the activity of the Natural Killer Cells.

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