ENT Problems During Rainy Season

Monsoon with its cloudy skies, sudden rains, and sudden sunshine makes it one of the beautiful. For some people it's a very enjoyable time, getting drenched in the rain specially after the scorching heat, but for some it's a dreadful time. A single drop of rain can trigger bouts of sneezing and a runny nose. Once it starts it keeps going for days, and makes life difficult and embarrassing as the patient has to blow the nose and clean it constantly. People suffering from these kinds of symptoms are usually suffering from Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis. This is usually due to allergic causes. The rain water, the damp weather, and the sudden heat, any of these can be a triggering factor. It is best for these patients to consult with an ENT specialist and get proper anti-allergic medication. Sometimes they also have to use nasal sprays and drops locally in the nose. Some of these patients also have a blocked nose due to long term disease and the proper procedure is to treat this condition otherwise the medication will not work properly.

The patient should also avoid all the allergens that are the cause of the allergy. Usually the patient will be able to identify the factors. Patients suffering from allergic rhinitis for long time develop swollen turbinates (tissues inside the nasal wall) which causes blockage of the nose and makes breathing difficult for the patient. This also has to be treated to get good results. If allergic rhinitis remains untreated for a long time the patient may develop sinusitis, headache, asthma and other complications. Also the patient suffers so much that their day to day quality of life becomes decreased. So, to consult with a doctor and get proper treatment is the answer to all these problems.

Some people love to itch their ears , its like a die-hard habit .They have to put either cotton buds, sticks, feathers or even the corner of a cloth inside their ears and itch it. What these people don't know is that in this damp monsoon weather there is fungus growing every where. Hot and humid is the best environment for fungus to grow. So, the cotton buds, sticks and other stuff all might contain fungus, and once you put it inside your ear it starts growing there. The ears will itch vigorously for a day or two and then the patient complains of earache and a feeling of blockage.

There may be discharge coming out of the ears. Due to the itching there may be infection in the ear wall(otitis externa) and this may spread to the ear drum. After consulting the specialist The patient will know that they have a fungal infection of the ear (otomycosis).Usually there are fungal debris present inside the ear which needs to be cleaned before giving antifungal drops . In some cases antibiotic drops also have to be added. If proper treatment is not taken this may cause perforation of the ear drum.

Along with the severe bouts of rains there is also severe heat waves during this season which makes us feel like taking ice-cold water, ice-cream and cold juices. For many people these ice-cold drinks are not very good as they cause sore throat and fever. Tonsillitis and pharangitis is a common problem during this season. Viruses are also a common problem in this time of year.

As children have a low immunity it is seen that they are affected most by viral dieaseases. So, we see lots of cases of mumps, measles, and other viral infections. Sore throat and runny nose is usually an added symptom to these diseases. It is best to consult with a doctor and get appropriate treatment to solve the problems.

Submitted By
Dr, Firdous Quader Minu, MBBS, DLO
The author is Consultant, ENT, Head Neck and Cosmetic Surgeon.

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