Ear Wax

Remember stick nothing in your Ears : not even a cotton swab. All you will end up doing is pushing the ear wax deeper into the ear. Hears what you do if you don't have a ear irrigation & cleaning kit from the store. First never irrigate if a perforation or tear exists to the ear drum. Then proceed by placing A few drops of Hydrogen Peroxide or Mineral Oil into the ear cannel, This will help soften & loosen the wax Try this for a day or to. Once the wax is soft irrigate your Ear with tepid water using a bulb syringe. Be sure not to use to much pressure, then turn your head to the side to empty out the wax while still irrigating until your through. Next Blow Dry Your Ears & place a drop of Alcohol in each ear this will complete the drying .You should do this each time after you shower to help from wax build up. Doctors also say not to shake or wiggle your ear to try to get water out. (Ps my personal choice is H2O2 or Hydrogen peroxide it bubbles that wax out faster than anything I have tried yet).

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