Diet for STD/HIV/AIDS Patients

Diet for STD/HIV/AIDS Patients

There is, as our readers well know, no nutritional regimen that can prevent STD/HIV/AIDs. But a dietary plan that can help avoid complications in afflicted patients such as Anorexia, Nausea/vomiting/diarrhoea/ulcers can be devised to help treatment and in convalescence. The normal diet has to be to be modified by concentrating on simple cooking methods, leaving out highly seasoned and spiced foods, strongly flavoured vegetables, tough meats, rich and fried foods, and rich cakes and sweetmeats. Avoid raw or undercooked food including salads and fruit.

The recommneded meal-pattern for patients is:

Breakfast :
Fruit juices(cranberry, blueberry, kalojam juices recommended), porridge or cereal with milk, sugar. Bread or toast with preserves, butter /margarine. Weak tea, or milky coffee.

Mid-morning :
Enriched milk, light soup.

Soup or fruit juice. Fish or meat or cheese or egg dish. Lightly cooked vegetables. Sweet dish.

Bread and butter/margarine, preserves, plain cake, weak tea or milky coffee.

Fruit juice and soup. Main dish of fish or meat or egg or cheese.

Enriched Milk Drink.

Dr William Kassler of the Canadian Centre for Disease Control suggests the following daily intake of vitamins and minerals
Vitamin B-12 (1000 micrograms)

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Additional Resources:
Dietary guidelines for people with HIV on how and why to build high quality diet - by Nutrition Infection Unit at Tufts.
AIDS/HIV, Diet and Disease : Food and Nutrition Information Center

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