Dentist's Syringe Can Spread AIDS

Dentist are not using disposable syringe. It may can spread disease like AIDS. Several days ago I went to a dentist to pick up a tooth. Dentist pick up my tooth with the syringe which was used for the previous patient, he did not change it. So plastic made disposable syringe or disposable needle have to introduce ( Which are cheap in price.) in the market that dentist can use it.

Otherwise if an AIDS infected person injected by this syringe a huge amount of people may affected by AIDS. Doctors are talking about the health but they do not have any consciousness about the traditional syringe use by dentist. Dentist's have to replace traditional syringe as soon as possible.

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While dentists reuse syringes, they are autoclaved (steam sterilized at high pressure) just like the other dental tools to kill microbes. Additionally, the needle and the vial which holds the anesthetic are disposable, and are replaced with each patient.

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