An acute, infectious, but not serious disease usually found only in the tropics, although epidemics have occurred in other parts of the world. Dengue is also known as dengue fever and breakbone lever, because it sometimes causes pains around the joints.

It is caused by a virus transmitted by the bite of mosquitoes of the genus Culex. The symptoms, which resemble those of INFLUENZA, usually appear for two to (bur days, disappear for about a day and then return together with a rash. Two or tlirec davs later, the temperature falls and recovery begins.


A great division of the animal kingdom, containing creatures which have no appendages. Many of them can be parasites in the bodies of man and animals. Flatworms or flukes invade the hollow organs of the body such as the intestine, bile ducts and lungs; TAPEWORMS and several kinds of ROUNDWORMS inhabit the intestine; and a specialised group of roundworms live in the tissue spaces and lymph system, causing various kinds of FILARIASIS.

Most worms are transmitted either by eating or drinking their eggs, or, as in the case of filarial worms, through the bites of bloodsucking insects.

Similar of Dengue

Worms - Causes, Diagnostic and Treatment

Parasitic roundworms and tapeworms that infest humans come from unsanitary living conditions and poor food preparation. They range in size from half-inch

Dengue Fever

1. Manifestation of Dengue Infection All four dengue virus (Den 1, 2, 3 and 4) infections may be asymptomatic or may lead to undifferentiated fever, dengue

Dengue - Horror of the Late Rainy Season

Arrival of the intermittent rainfalls after incessant showers of rain is heralding the departure of the Rainy season. With that the suspeasing and stunning

Parasites and Diet

Intestinal parasites come in many shape and sizes, but the main divisions or single-celed protozoa, or amoebas, and multicellular flat worms and roundworms.

Diet for Parasite-Borne Diseases

There are two aspects of the diet for parasite-borne diseases. One is to avoid foods that can carry parasites and worms, and the other is diet for persons

Mechanical Obstruction of the Intestine

An obstruction may occur anywhere along the intestine. The part of the intestine above the obstruction continues to function. As it fills with food, fluid,

Vector Borne Diseases

Introduction In principle, all vector borne diseases are a serious threat to children's health. Some, however, pose a specific threat to children, because a



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