Cleaning Tips of Face


1. It involves cleansing, toning (optional though) & moisturing :

Cleansing removes dirt & make-up. Clean by patting gently on the face with your palms. Use a creamy cleansing lotion if you have dry skin or an oil-free lotion if you have oily skin.

Toning removes the last traces of dirt. Use a alcohol-free toner for all skin types. Avoid alcohol-based toners.

Moisturising puts moisture back on the face that was removed during cleansing. It protects the skin from moisture loss & prevents damage from pollution & wind.

2. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells & makes skin feel good & refreshed. Buy a scrub that is gentle to the skin & with the help of your 1st & middle finger, apply the scrub using circular movements. Don't leave out the neck & the back of your hands.

Or you might want to use a suitable facial mask. Remember to apply the mask after you've cleaned your face. Exfoliate weekly as excessive exfoliation can cause skin thinning & damage.

3. Skin around the eyes is very dedicate & there are no oil or sweat glands to condition so wrinkles tend to appear. Use a gentle moisturising eye cream using light patting movements.

4. Cleaning your skin often will cause dryness & hasten wrinkling.


  1. Avoid certain soaps that make your skin dry.
  2. Take about 5 minutes or so to shower.
  3. Use water that is warm not hot as hot water dries skin.
  4. When your skin feels squeaky, you've overcleaned!
  5. Moisturize with a body lotion after your shower.
  6. Exfoliate weekly. Use circular moments when applying the scrub on the body.


Wander off to read "Go wash (hands)" & "How to wash your hands effectively", articles provided by the American Cancer Society.

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