Chai Spice

Chai Tea is becoming a popular drink world wide. In North America people love to add vanilla to this combination of spices. Blend your own spicy chai and have it on hand for guests or give it as a gift.

The spice blend may be added to black tea and steeped as usual or added to flavour coffee or even hot milk. The spices can be added to the ground coffee in your filter. There are as many variations to this blend as there are countries that have adopted the flavour of chai for tea.

Place all the spices in a plastic bag first and crush gently to break them up. Blend the following ingredients together in a jar. Use a teaspoon per cup of tea or milk. Place the spice blend in the tea pot with your black to steep. Strain and serve. Some people enjoy this blend of spices in desserts such as rice puddings as well.


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