Banana Peel Help to Combat Depression

Banana Peel Help to Combat Depression

Banana peel can combat depression and protect the retina, according to a new survey, taken by news agency ANI.

Researchers from the Chung Shan University in Taiwan have discovered, after two years of testing, the shell yellow banana is rich in serotonin, substance responsible for regulating mood.

It is assumed that a low level of serotonin in the brain may cause depression, even if until now scientists have not found a clear link between this substance and depression.

The study authors also found that banana peel extract can protect the retina against damage caused by light, as cause retinal cell regeneration.

Taiwanese researchers believe that those who suffer from depression can regain their zest for life with the banana peel - or by consuming water that has been boiled, or by pressing them into the kitchen and enjoying a robot juice.

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