9 Surprising Symptoms of Stress Seen in Women

9 Surprising Symptoms of Stress Seen in Woman

See if yours body is telling you that you're too anxious and what you can do about it.

Eye Twitching
The often temporary condition can be annoying and worrisome, and for some, can be triggered by stress. This condition is knows as blepharospasm. Close your eyes and visualizing your happiest place on earth will help. If your eyes get stressed from detailed work at the computer, 'stretch' then every 20 minutes by looking out the widow at a lager landscape. If you have no view, close your eyes and imagine a panorama.

Tweaked Muscles
The pain in your neck you attributed to long hours at the computer could actually be a symptom of stress. If you're experiencing what you believe to be stress-related muscles symptoms, try this exercise: take 5 to 10 deep breaths ad focus on relaxing the tense area of your body. For the neck, try gentle neck rolls or enlist your husband to give you a quick shoulder rub.

Teeth grinding is what many women do, as "chewing over the day's stressors." The problem, however, is that this bad habit can erode dental work, damaging your teeth and making them more susceptible to cavities. If teeth grinding is serve, see a dentist about getting mouth guard.

Stress can upset the stomach, and nausea can be byproduct of worry. If your anxiety is causing nausea, try this trick: let tepid water run over your fingers: it's believed to keep nausea at bay.

Ask any woman who is trying to do it all and she'll admit to a few slip-ups in the memory department. Chronic stress can literally shrink the size of the hippocampus, which is responsible for some memories. Combat the first sign of stress with exercise to keep your brain sharp and prepared for stress.

You can't decide what to make for dinner, what to wear to work or which exit to take off the freeway. Stress causes distraction and lack of focus. To restore focus, take a walk. Move the stress out of your body by exercising large muscle groups like the legs. You will gain clarity. Walk out in the light and you'll reset your natural rhythm while you move out the stress. Sunlight helps the body release serotonin to improve the mood and vitamin D helps you improve your immune system-a great perk.

Your skin can be pretty good barometer of your stress level. Stress can cause a rash, usually raised red spots or hives on the stomach, back, arms and face. Deep breathing may keep rashes at bay. Place our hand right above your belly button. Inhale as you raise your hand: with each exhale, lower it. Take 5 to 10 deep breaths through out the day."

Stress hormones cause your body to surge with adrenaline and then crash into sleepiness. Go to bed earlier or catch a 30-minute nap midday, and don't feel guilty about doing so. There productivity in rest.

This article is produced with the help of an article by Sarah Jio posted in an web portal for women on internet: womansday.com

Additional Resources:

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