64 Slice CT Scanner Heart Imaging

Traditionally, images of the heart arteries can be seen only through invasive procedures like conventional coronary angiograms. CT coronary angiogram using the 64 multi-slice CT scanner is able to detect blockages in the heart arteries that can lead to a heart attack, without the need for an invasive angiogram procedure. The entire scan can be completed in less than 10 secs of breath hold. Coronary CTA, in conjunction with coronary calcium scoring can now be used as tools in coronary risk assessment.

Our 64 slice CT scanner can be use non invasive evaluation of:

Coronary arteries to assess narrowing

Presence and extent of heart artery disease

Coronary risk

Heart stents to assess narrowing

Coronary artery bypass graft patency

Progresses of treatment

Stroke Assessment

The 64 slice CT technology supports high-speed and high resolution imaging, making this the modality of choice for stroke evaluation. It has the ability to evaluate the extent of damage to the brain tissue caused by the stroke without the need for invasive procedures.

CT Angiography of the blood vessels of the neck and brain using the 64 multi-slice CT scanner allows a clear visualisation of the complex vessels found in these regions with reduced invasiveness, higher image quality and improved accuracy.


Stroke Assessment

Detection Of Cerebral Aneurysm

Assessment Of Brain Tumour

Body CT Angiogram

The visualisation of arteries in the head, neck, chest, abdomen and legs is made possible with the revolutionary multi-slice CT technology. This technology enables high-speed body scanning in which the body can be covered in a single scan with high image resolution.


Artery Disease


Tumour Assessment

CT Angiography (CTA) using the 64 slice CT scanner is a non-invasive outpatient procedure and is most frequently utilised in the evaluation of arteries in the chest, abdomen and legs.

Virtual Colonoscopy

Virtual colonoscopy using the 64 slice CT scanner is a high speed CT study that captures images of the colon. Detailed pictures with 3-dimensional reconstruction of the inside of the colon are obtained.


Non Invasive

Takes Significantly Less Time

Does Not Require Sedation

Cost Less Than Conventional Colonoscopy

Virtual colonoscopy is a non-invasive alternative to conventional colonoscope in the initial screening of colon cancer. The entire procedure can be completed within 20 mins with little or no discomfort.

Lung Nodule Screening

Early detection of lung cancer is now possible with this ultra fast CT technology with 3-dimensional lung nodule analysis. This enables detection of minute nodules with minimum radiation dose and scanning time. The entire scan can be completed in less than 10 secs of breath hold.


Early Cancer Detection

Fast And Non Invasive.

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