Guide to obtaining a real estate license

More and more real estate agents are choosing to open their brokerages because of the financial benefits. Any real estate agent who wants to advance their career should consider becoming a broker. The entire list of prerequisites for any real estate broker license in Nevada and to create their own office.

License Requirements for Real Estate Brokers in Nevada

 The following are the requirements for getting a real estate license.

  1. over the age of 18
  2. GED or high school diploma
  3. evidence that pre-licensing education was completed
  4. 64 semester credits in college required
  5. 45 hours or three credits from a college Real estate knowledge or professional expertise
  6. 45 hours or three credits from a college Legal or licensed experience in real estate (this also covers the 18 hours of Nevada law taught at a public school.)
  7. 45 hours or three credits from college training in real estate appraisal or professional experience
  8. 45 hours or three credits from a college Course on Broker Management
  9. Fifteen college credits in courses that are either licensed experience or connected to real estate, such as business, economics, management, accounting, finance, and marketing.
  10. Thirty-seven college-level credits from any college, military academy, trade school, or authorized training.
  11. Send us your financial statement.
  12. You can use a combination of transcripts from your school and work experience to prove your work experience to earn the required 64 semester credits. If experience cannot be verified, college credits must be obtained.
  13. Except for the 45-hour Broker Management and 18-hour Nevada real estate law courses, Nevada will grant 16 college credits toward the education requirements for every two years of real estate license experience.

How to Manage a Profitable Brokerage

One thing unites successful real estate brokerages. They follow a structured and reliable workflow procedure. Owners can stay organized, close deals more quickly, and maintain a satisfied workforce and clientele. The Real Estate commission software from Emphasys Software is an excellent tool for accomplishing this because it offers mission-specific functionality and fully automates your brokerage.


Commercial, industrial, and residential properties can all be bought, sold, or leased with the aid of real estate agents. They support their clients through every step of the real estate process, including inspections and repairs that must be made before a sale, and assist in negotiating the final deal.